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well... this is getting kind of boring.. - 63%

rakblad, June 16th, 2005

Well, I really love Deep Purple, but, this is getting annoying..
The tracks on this album, well, they are all great, as usually when we're talking Deep Purple.
But, we've all heard them before.
These last 10 albums from DP, there have been like three albums where "Smoke on the Water" is not present.
And in my total DP-collection almost 50% of the albums has that song (Smoke..) on them.
But, yeah, if your new to DP, sure thing, this album might be just the thing for you, it covers about the most of the best of DP, and I'm especially happy to see that "Sometimes I feel like screaming" finally made it to one of all these Best of's, although, I would rather recommend a potentiall new DP-fan, to buy the "Live at the Olympia '96"-live album instead of this one.
And I got to admit that it's getting redicolous, about 10 years, totally about 20 albums, of which 2 are full lenght-regular albums, the rest Best of's or Live-albums, and most of these best of's covers about the same tracks, so I wouldn't recommend this album to anyone else than those who have never heard DP before, and those of us that just want to have all of the DP-albums there is.

The one thing that makes this best of-album better than the rest, is that it features "Sometime I Feel Like Screaming" (which also Live at the Olympia does, buy that one instead of this ;))