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Almost as good as Made in Japan... - 99%

adriano, June 29th, 2004

Deep Purple headlined the California Jam festival in 1974. Although some other great bands were on the bill (including the mighty Black Sabbath, featuring Ozzy on vocals), no one could top Ritchie Blackmore's crew. They delivered what everybody expected: a great concert, fortunately recorded and released as a CD.

200.000 people (estimated crowd on the festival) couldn't be wrong. This was the best band on the planet playing some of their all-time classics (Smoke on the Water was there, of course), and also the marvellous tracks from 1974's awesome Burn.

With David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes sharing the vocals, no one missed Ian Gillan's incredible voice. After his departure, the band increased their songwriting, bringing in some new elements, specially under the influence of Glenn Hugues, a former Trapeze member.

The only thing we could complain about this album is the number of tracks that it contains. There are just six songs - and we can't blame the record company, because that was the entire gig! Back then, Ritchie Blackmore used to play long guitar solos, spending some precious time, in which the band could include at least two or three songs.

Anyway, this is a masterpiece. The rating: 99 - it can't be 100, because then it would be Made in Japan... but, believe me, it's almost there.