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Absolutely Amazing - 100%

somelongdivision, November 26th, 2008

With each Deeds of Flesh album the band reaches new levels of technical brilliance and “Of What’s To Come” is no different. This year seldom few bands have released something as powerful and unique as DOF’s new work. Since 1993 they’ve soldiered through the underground forging their own sound. Much like “Crown of Souls” DOF’s new release is saturated with furious riffing of unrivaled complexity and diversity, however “Of What’s To Come” isn’t just more of the same. This release demands repeat listens, the songs are so heavily layered that each time you sit down with the album you discover something new.

Erik’s guitar has never sounded this practiced and fluid, it is truly something to behold. Hamilton’s drumming is above reproach, and each track proves his ability to create layered rhythmic textures shrouded in complexity. Erlend’s musicianship is phenomenal bringing the bass out from behind the typical wall of sound where it resides, weaving intricate patterns that compliment the overriding structure of each and every song. This is perhaps DOF’s most ambitious work and is a welcomed addition to their library of work. DOF continue to be the saviors of the underground, never disappointing their fans and constantly working to better themselves as musicians…and when you’re at the level their at it isn’t such an easy feat.