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Career best, sacrificing no extremity - 80%

autothrall, November 2nd, 2009

Deeds of Flesh have been pummeling away at their extremely brutal style for well over a decade now, but I was never a fan of any of their previous albums. Thus I was pleasantly surprised with their 7th full-length, which sacrifices none of the extremity of the band's roots but presents a more immersive, interesting slugfest.

From a production standpoint the band have always had a very punchy style to their riffing, a lot of chugging in syncopation with the insane drumming. This is accented here with the crazy bass playing of Erlend Caspersen (of Blood Red Throne, Decrepit Birth, Vile, Dismal Euphony and many others). This time out, many of the riffs are fantastic, producing a hostile landscape of brutality. Many of the songs here are great, I found myself re-listening to "Virvum", "Century of the Vital" and "Eradication Pods" numerous times yet. I really enjoy the horrific/sci-fi theme here, and the fantastic cover art.

In a year that has seen an onslaught of quality brutal death releases, veterans Deeds of Flesh add another to the queue with what I consider their career highlight thus far. Enjoyable through multiple spins, and highly recommended to fans of Psycroptic, Severed Savior, Cryptopsy, Odious Mortem and others.