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I will never 'get' this. - 61%

TheSunOfNothing, October 1st, 2009

First and foremost, this is the latest release from an uninventive technical death metal outfit, and it's basically everything you've come to expect from modern tech death these days. I'm not one of the purists who calls this new ultra-tech scene bad, but when it's bland and boring, as this is, it really lowers my faith in the modern death genre.

Deeds of Flesh deserve no respect at all, other than the fact that there are a few sweet solos and some cool sounding tech riffs here and there. The vocalist is utter shit, as he does absolutly nothing not expected (although on a rare ocassion he will pick the song back up with a cool vocal pattern, like at 3:40 in "Of What's To Come") and he alternates soley between (terrible) death grunts and the far overdone double-tracked high vocals that it seems like every band on the face of the earth is doing now (with a few obvious exeptions, like Origin, Necrophagist, and Beneath the Massacre). I can tell this is a concept album, as the word "Virvum" appears constantly (also the title of a song) and because every single song is about astronomical crap. I don't have a problum with non-gore lyrics, or even astronomical lyrics for that matter, it's just when there appears to be no thought put into the lyrics I grow tired. Such is the case here, as whoever wrote these lyrics must be OBSESSED with the apocalypse/planets.

The bass is the only truly noteworthy instrument, as it is actually audible! When he is, he is following the guitar, with a few exeptions ("Dawn of the Next"). He also does some cool bass shred fills (2:00 into "Harvest Temples") here and there. The guitarist has shredding skill, but put him next to Muhammad Suicmez and he's just wasting Muhammad's air. This dude may have talent as far as shredding goes but he has no sense of melody in anything but the solos, and there are hardly any riffs that just make you want to scream "FUUCK" and punch a scene kid in the face (final riff to "Thrones of Blood" by Suffocation, first riff from "Hammer Smashed Face", etc.) Memorability is a big thing in the riff department for me, and unfortunatly here there hardly any. The drummer is low in the mix behind the far too loud guitars, and there are no parts where he shines.

The best track on here is between "Eradication Pods" and "Dawn of the Next", but the rest all kind of flow together.

While this album is majorly flawed, it still has some cool things which land it at a 61 instead of a 14 like I gave it the first time. In honesty, the only reason I can see how one could aquire this is through listening to it in the store and liking it, but being immediatly disappointed after the purchase. I don't suggest you buy this, as everything it represents and more are represented better of Origin's "Antithesis".