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Not quite as good as "Reduced to Ashes" - 90%

Blood_Debt, November 18th, 2008

“Crown of Souls” marks the sixth full length studio release by Deeds of Flesh. I find this album quite comparable to their previous release, “Reduced to Ashes,” though “Crown of Souls” falls short on a few fronts. This album preserves the technical, chaotic, yet memorable type of song structure I absolutely love from “Reduced to Ashes,” but the songs just seem to lack some of the variation and creativity. Basically what I mean by this is sometimes I find myself getting a little bored halfway through a song and wanting to progress to the next track.

This being said, “Crown of Souls” is still an exemplary piece of brutal death metal. The songs are well written and the production is relatively clean (especially compared to “Trading Pieces” and “Inbreeding the Anthrophagi.”) Instrumentation is tight and locks in together precisely, creating the amazing sound qualities that Deeds of Flesh has come to represent. Most individual tracks are recognizable (after a few listens anyways,) and song structure is pretty coherent and flows as well as brutal death metal can.

What this album does better than possibly any other Deeds of Flesh album is the creation of a dark, sinister and evil atmosphere. This feeling is difficult to represent in such a technical form of music, but “Crown of Souls” pulls it off almost perfectly, not sacrificing the technical merit of any track for the sake of atmosphere.

Standout tracks are “Crown of Souls,” “This Macabre Fetish,” “Crimson Offering,” and “Caught Devouring”