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Solid tracklist and great vocals - 87%

VonSeux, August 2nd, 2007

In this album, the long time rocker Dee Snider comes back with a solid set of tracks that seems to be unrecorded material from Twisted Sister and his projects Desperado and Widowmaker. I was a little surprised to see that this album was not well reviewed, what we have here is just pure nostalgic 80’s Hard Rock, and that’s good.

So it's the same good and old 80's metal. The surprise, though, is how it sounds fresh and powerful. Production's crystal clear, Dee sings as good as ever and guitars get pretty heavy. Some songs are also very catchy.

It's hard to believable that this are b-side songs, Dee sings with a amount of feeling that's not seen even in his glory days; songs like Our Voice Will Be Heard and Isn't it Time can top the best hard rock anthems. Hardcore and Call My Name are heavy songs in the same feel as Stay Hungry and SMF.

The best song on the album is the ballad Cry You A Rainbow; It's the best ballad Dee ever recorded atop with The Price and You're Not Alone. If Twisted Sister had released this album it would became classical, and it is so much better than Love Is For Suckers.

There are some blues experimentation on The Wanderer, a cover from an 50's don’t-know-who, and Uh Huh Huh. Dee Snider takes songs from various times and influences and makes a consistent and memorable album. Worth Buying.