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Decomposition of Entrails > Abnormality > Reviews
Decomposition of Entrails - Abnormality

Decomposition of Entrails – Abnormality - 75%

TheMetalGamer, July 25th, 2019

Lets get br00tal metal gamers! We all know Russians knows how to slam and get their moshpits going hard. Fact is the band I got for you today is from Russia and a personal favorite of mine as I reviewed their last release Pestilential Synthesis back in 2017 (album released in December 8th, 2016) where I mentioned it was one of the best brutal death metal releases all year. Guess what? Abnormality is yet another step in the right direction! The Russian bulldozer that is all about the Decomposition of Entrails aint stopping anytime soon and it just goes faster and faster!

What’s happened since the last album? Well the band has added the drummer Evgeny Egolnikov to their ranks, going from a trio to party of four. One of the main thing that is the icing on the cake on Abnormality is just the drumming section, because wow has that improved! Not that I thought it was bad on Pestilential Synthesis but it sure does add a lot when it isn’t programmed and just feels more fluid and alive. From start to finish this close to 26 minutes of brutal death metal machine will hammer your skull with massive gutturals and moshpit starting riffs, with superb headbang friendly drums to boot. Not a single bad song on the album but at the same time not that massive hit that could push them closer to a perfect album score. Who knows next time they might just raise that bar even higher? They’ve improved with each album so far and there seems to be no limit to what these guys can do!

Yet again Decomposition of Entrails prove to be a force to be reckoned with and Abnormality is one of the best brutal death metal albums you will hear all year.

Originally written for The Metal Gamer