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Dutch Thrash/Death - 90%

Zze, August 6th, 2004

This is awesome, highly technical Thrash/Death hybrid , with Christian Lyrics, some sounding a bit too "preachy" but overall a great platter of this Dutch Christian band. I´d compare them to Death or other bands like that, since its hard to say that Decision D is solely a "Thrash" band like Exodus for example, but more of a Death/Thrash metal band that had highly intricated and technical songs ( thus, some call them "progressive-thrash" which I think is a good label to them ). Its a shame that their CDs are hard to find nowadays, but you can burn the stuff from someone, and I reccomend it a lot if you like bands on the Thrash/Death field like Death, Sepultura , etc ; Decision D can match all those bands on this style, plus sound even more technical than most of them.