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Decibel Race - Feel the Fear - 92%

Edmund Sackbauer, August 13th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Rock-CD Records

Decibel Race are a completely new band hailing from Spain and “Feel the Fear” is their first EP showing a lot of promise. Consisting of four full tracks, one intro and one interlude you get over twenty-eight minutes of classy and classic metal with hints of power and even thrash metal to spice things up a bit.

Deeply rooted in NWOBHM they take some of the best elements that made several other bands famous a few decades ago. Some might scream “copycats” but Decibel Race put the best pieces of that style back together in such a great and fresh manner that most fans of traditional metal will not care about that argument. The riffs are sharp and perfectly executed and some of the chord progressions are of such an uplifting and rocking nature that one cannot help but bang the head while listening to the music. The rhythm and the lead guitars are perfectly harmonized offering a perfect blend of straight rocking grooves and some clever placed melodic elements. Of course there are solo parts to be found as well but those are never overdone hurting the flow of the music.

The drumming is fast and ferocious pushing the music even more forward. The speed and intensity are kept high over the whole playing time with only a few slowed down parts. Thankfully the band members are very talented songwriters making sure that each song is easily distinguishable from the others so that there is not one moment of boredom. That being said the EP has a very stringent feel leading to a very satisfying listening experience when consuming the whole record in one sitting. The highlight for sure is “Trail of Fire Relentless Passion” clocking in just over eleven minutes showcasing what Decibel Race are all about.

Singer Dini got a really pleasing and powerful voice. His delivery is top notch and he is able to highlight the softer parts as well as putting a lot of energy into the faster and uplifting sections. I really like the mellow timbre of his voice and in my opinion he can stand his ground against some of the bigger names of the genre.

The production is punchy without sounding too sterile. The mix is clear giving each instrument enough room to breathe. The overall sound is a nice mixture of using modern possibilities without sacrificing the old-school vibes inherent in that kind of music. “Feel the Fear” is a fantastic piece of pure heavy metal played with a lot of heart and soul. This album is an easy recommendation for fans of that style and I look forward to checking out new stuff from the guys.