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Won't be breaking these chains anytime soon. - 93%

Stillborn Machine, March 21st, 2014

Playing power/speed/thrash metal with a technical edge, this UK band has the almost neo-classical punch of Nosferatu-era Helstar, the colorful lead work of earlier Iron Maiden, and a Coroner-like degree of fluidly adept instrumentation.

These songs are aggressive and bold, suddenly shifting on a dime into semi-thrashing lead breaks or technical elucidations with matured restraint, only throwing as much of their talent in your face as befitting the song. While a great degree of it will inevitably be familiar to more seasoned listeners of the Arkyen Steel/Cruz Del Sur/Shadow Kingdom Records crowd, they approach it with a roughness, especially in the raspy "melodic shout" vocal style and flexibility of songwriting that even classic bands could learn a thing or two from.

If you're looking for the next major accessible yet not artistically compromised "new old school" traditional-oriented metal band, these guys might just be the contender for the throne.