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Really disappointing, very chaotic and messy - 55%

dismember_marcin, September 7th, 2012

Ha, this is really nicely released CD. Old Temple released it on a 7”EP size foldout cover, what looks really impressive and definitely stands aside from the usual jewel case CD (I don’t know whether the US version from Sevared Records is also released in this big cover or it’s in a standard CD?). Strictly limited and hand numbered, “Nails Sticking Offensive” definitely was an important release for the band and Old Temple. Personally, I must say that I also had quite big expectations for the second album from Deception; well, after being shredded to pieces so brutally by two demos and the debut album, only good things should have happened with “Nails Sticking Offensive”.

After listening to “Nails Sticking Offensive” many times I have two things to say: one, the album is a complete failure and disappointment and two, its name should be the utter chaos. I really hoped that Deception, while continuing the style, which they have developed on the previous recordings, will erupt with ferocity and quality, which would be able to put the buildings down into ruins. But I am afraid that nothing like that happens and the album disappoints hugely. It is still fast and extreme death metal, “Nails Sticking Offensive” is probably even the fastest and most uncompromising piece of music, which this band has spawned so far. But there’s also a complete lack of logic and control over the music and the whole album is just a total mess and chaos. I don’t know if it’s due to the production, but the fact is that “Nails Sticking Offensive” is barely listenable.

The sound on this album is really bad. I mean, generally it would be OK, but the mastering and mixing are completely fucked up. The snare drums is way too loud, so are the vocals, while the guitars just disappear in the wall of noise, so you cannot really hear what the riff is like and in the end everything sounds like an uncontrollable, unreadable, utter noise – and a powerful production is something very important, when you’re dealing with such an intense music, right? And sorry to say, but there’s no pleasure in listening to something, what makes you only tired and gives you a headache, right? Besides, I have doubts that even if the production of “Nails Sticking Offensive” was better it would save the album in any ways, as I have a feeling like the material on this CD is way worse than the demos and the debut full length, really. There’s not a single song here, which would catch my attention, not even one track, which I would define as something what stands above the rest and was able to explode in my face and wreck the shit around. There are some particular bits and pieces, some riffs, which are cool and could have been a good start for a killer death metal song, but they really disappear quickly in this fuckin intensity and noise, which “Nails Sticking Offensive” produces. The opening riff for “Conceited God” would be a good example for that, but they’re just short fragments in the 30 minutes long chaos. There are songs, which I just hate – tell me if “Postnuclear Encyclica” has any sense at all, when the purpose of it is to make a blasting noise? This track is composed of one, repetitive riff, around which the band screams and growls and drums fast and really, nothing interesting comes out of it, and this song turns out to be a completely worthless piece of shit, which shouldn’t ever end on an album of band of this quality like Deception. But as I already mentioned, none of those songs is good enough, really. “The New Age of Death” – another fuckin’ crap. Hmm, and is it my imagination or did Deception got slightly influenced by the war / black metal (or whatever they call themselves?) bands like Revenge and Black Witchery? Or it is just due to the raw production? That at least would explain why everything sounds so horrid and chaotic.

In the end “Nails Sticking Offensive” disappoints and I really cannot listen to this album much. The best thing about it, except the cover, is the fact that it’s just 30 minutes of music, so it didn’t annoy me so much that I had to throw this CD out of my window and bury it in the trash. So, I strongly advice you not to listen to this album and recommend getting other Deception releases, as they’re way better than “Nails Sticking Offensive”. Trust me.
Standout track: none of them

Very pleasant music. - 85%

Noktorn, April 26th, 2009

I find the first half of this album more charming than the second: the songs are short, punchy, and at once serious and hilariously evil. After track six or so, though, it slows down a little bit; the songs are longer and more involved, maybe more 'serious' in nature, and generally a bit less entertaining than the first set, and pushing this album dangerously close to 'too long' territory and almost a half hour. Fortunately the band knows when they've worn out their welcome and manage to wrap things up before they become too stale, but I wonder why the tracklisting is as divided as it is.

Deception is a relatively one-dimensional band and the whole gimmick can barely hold itself together for an album, but it's nice to treat yourself with on occasion. The band plays a particularly brutal and savage variety of black/death metal which seems to take the more extreme elements of both genres and just sort of smash them into each other. There's a lot of brutal death-style ultra-low growling juxtaposed with distinctly black metal flavored tremolo riffing and just as much rigid blasting in the drum department, occasionally erupting into chaotic fills. Chaos seems to be the whole point of the music; a slightly noisy production job and slightly sloppy instrumental performances make this more aesthetically unfriendly than it would be if it was on Nuclear Blast. The musical ideas are all extremely simplistic: it's just about attacking the listener with as many notes as possible and hoping someone gets hurt in the process.

Much like Aeon, the sense of fun is really what carries this. It's entirely one-dimensional music, but it's executed with such a fervor and sense of joy about itself that you can't help but like it. Unsurprisingly, this is best when it's kept brief and to the point and less songy, which is why the first half is better: tracks like 'Praying To Liar' are exactly what the band is made to do, minute and a half bursts of tremolo and blasting and growling for the sake of all those things alone. The Aeon comparison is a fairly appropriate one on a musical level of all: they have that band's breed of structural minimalism but complexity in riffing and content, even if the riffs and rhythms don't really add up to anything meaningful in the long run.

This is the exact opposite of progressive metal, and if Alarum is a regular play in your collection you'd likely want to avoid this, but for those who feel like simply having fun- the equivalent of a party black/death album- 'Nails Sticking Offensive' is really a winner. It's not meaningful art or brilliant craftsmanship, but maybe the fact that it's not those things and so supremely AWARE that it's not those things is what makes it so great in the end.

Deception - Nails Sticking Offensive - 90%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

You know, it really took me a while to get to like this album. The first couple of times I listened to it I just didn’t get the thrill; it was just bland death metal with rough production. But suddenly it all changed, and I got introduced to a truly hateful, spiteful and just bloody outrageously brutal death metal piece.

I no longer think of the sound as rough, but I’ve rather accepted it for what it is; a raw and old school black metal-like atmosphere. ‘Cause while this surely is death metal, Deception flirt with black metal to spice things up. A band that comes to mind is Behemoth, but I wouldn’t rule out Hate for the death metal and Dark Funeral for the black metal… It’s a full on onslaught of blast beats, really hammering you to dust. The strings are raging and furiously fast, but with heavy-as-shit breakdowns oozing of US gored death metal. Vocal-wise it’s really screamed growls, but flavored with almost goregrind-like gurgles and grunts at times.

It’s absolutely satanic and raw-as-hell. It is speedy and pummeling like a herd of stampeding horses, but with the weight and brutality of elephants and rhinos; all out to nail another sucker on the cross.

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