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Unholy death metal - 87%

dismember_marcin, September 7th, 2012

It took Deception only about a year, before they had a new material composed and were ready to enter the Hertz Studio again and to record the second demo. They’ve recorded “Holy Deception” in September 2002 and I must admit that while I really liked “Age of Suffering”, the first demo, then this second one is even better. To put it simply, Deception had improved in many aspects and that resulted in truly awesome piece of death metal. In my opinion it is even surprising that such a strong material ended up only as a demo, as I think many bands would be very happy having a full length album with such production and material. The sound of “Holy Deception” is very polished, very clean, but brutal… I may not like the drums’ sound so much, as it is very triggered, but the guitars sound is very meaty and definitely the whole production underlines the energy and intensity of the music, which is good of corpse.

When I listen to “Holy Deception” I have a feeling like this demo was even faster and more intense than “Age of Suffering”. But what else can I write if the demo begins with such an uncompromising and violent piece of fast death metal as “Unholy Darkness”, which is just a constant blast beat and brutality, able to blow out the speakers? OK, maybe not constant, as there is a slower piece somewhere in the middle of the song, but as a whole “Unholy Darkness” is just as merciless as you can imagine. And “Lucifer’s Legion” is also so fuckin powerful and strong that it may actually have sense that Deception is using intros between the songs, as this way the listener may have some time to take the breath and find some strength, before another cannonade of drums and wall of riffs will smash his face. “Blood Dusk of Chaotic Utopia” begins again with a fast blast beat, but soon it slows down in order to introduce a killer and very catchy riff, which really sticks in the head. The song turns out to be an instrumental track, but I fuckin love it; it is really well played, destructive piece of death metal. Finally “In Shadow of Apocalypse” completes the massacre and well… I feel really astonished and slain. This is really killer demo.
Standout tracks: “Unholy Darkness”, “Blood Dusk of Chaotic Utopia”, “In Shadow of Apocalypse”