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Yep, it's fucking brutal - 86%

pickharmonic, January 26th, 2006

Decapitated was selling their new album at a show they played here in San Francisco so my friend picked it up and lent it to me, so that's how I've heard the actual thing before it got released, and I'm pretty fucking glad we were able to get it earlier.

This album is definitley different from their previous releases, but not necessarily in a bad way, so all you Decapitated fans out there don't need to freak out or anything haha. On this album, they experiment with more weird time signatures and arrangements than they have on their other albums, and they pull it off rather well. The guitar riffs are fucking awesome and just as brutal as ever. I don't know how Vogg comes up with this shit! The man is nuts! Same with the drums. Vitek also performs amazingly and still plays those crazy double bass beats we all love.

The BIG change that all of you will notice are the vocals. Covan's vocal style is very unique, sort of reminds me of Nergal from Behemoth at times (that's the best example I can come up with). His vocals are a lot different than Sauron's, so I don't know how people will like it. At first I couldn't get into the vocals, but after a few listens I got used to them. They are pretty good in my opinion, but I
don't know how other people will take the change...

Production-wise, I think this is the best so far for Decapitated. Everything sounds perfect and is balanced out great.

But yeah, Decapitated is still going strong. They haven't pulled an In Flames on us or anything like that. I definitley think all Decapitated fans should pick this up when it comes out.