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Technically advanced Polish DM - 96%

ozzeh, September 9th, 2007

"Organic Hallucinosis" certainly had to have been a contender for album of the year in 2006. While we all know that Covan isn't the greatest vocalist in the world, it shouldn't overshadow the fact that this album is full of super technical brutal death metal. There are some flaws on this release, but for the most part it is thoroughly enjoyable.

The strength of this album is the fluidity the musicians exhibit in their music skills. The guitarists were virtuosos in their teens and now they've blossomed into one of the more original sounding guitar tandems in all of heavy metal. That's no easy feat and for a genre that is known for it's lack of deviation, Decapitated play consistently crippling death metal with a technical twist.

The drumming is extraordinary and for this kind of music it really needs to be. Upon the first few listens, the vocals and the sometimes Meshuggah-like anti-melodic guitar riffs will upset any hardcore death metal fan, but upon repeated listens the music will grow to be immensely satisfying. Don't ever forget that Poland has spawned three of the best death metal bands ever : Behemoth, Vader, and the mighty Decapitated.