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Mechanized Anger - 80%

noinnocentvictim, April 1st, 2006

Decapitated's latest release, "Organic Hallucinosis," has received a lot of negative criticism because of the obvious change of direction due to both lineup and vision changes. I couldn't care less about how the vocals sound, so the vocalist change didn't change the band for me at all. What did change, however, was the powerful, un-atmospheric yet unrelentlessly charging riffs.

These are exchanged for mechanical-sounding, damp, atmospheric songs, often encompassing chaos and frustration with present-day life. The lyrics are a joke, written in broken English with parentheses around every other word. What makes this album truly worth purchasing, however, is the breaks in the guitar lines, where the song collapses under its own weight and melts down into chaos, providing a look into what life could be like were it not so worthless and redundant. The song rarely returns the same after these moments, giving even the mechanized aspects a better feel to them. This contrast is what makes this album so innovative.

One minute, the song simply consists of angry, mechanically destructive riffs and precise drumming, and then suddenly we see a glimpse of hope, and the song returns, not seeming to be quite as mechanized.

This album is certainly worth purchasing, but not necessarily hunting down, seeing as it's but a few tracks in length.