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Fuck the Haters - 100%

htownmetaljunkie, May 2nd, 2007

Ok let me start by saying that noone will replace Dimebag Darrell; that my friends is a fact. However, I have not heard riffs as groovy and compelling as that of Organic Hallucinosis since the early Pantera days. Who would have known some years down the road Decapitated would appear to be the spawn of bands like Meshuggah and Pantera. Truly new boundaries are being formed here.

As far as technicality, this album far surpasses all of their prior work. Vogg has always shredded in a unique style, but the older the Decapitated album is the less technical the riffs are. The older albums hold a more traditional death metal morale, while Organic Hallucinosis absolutely is a trademark on its own.

Obviously with Vogg playing the ML body shaped guitars and the unrelentless grooves installed in the riffing on this album my comparison to Pantera holds water already. What seals the deal is the live act. I have not seen headbanging like that since Dime as well. Vogg and Dime share a similar unity with there guitar which enables them to headbang in any opposing rhthym of there riffs without butchering the song. It seems like a trance of thrashing contains these two players when on stage.

Reguarding the future of Decapitated, I would say they are on a path less traveled and they should continue as far as they can down that path. More bands should take note as not alot of bands can continuously top there previously album which Pantera did almost effortlessly. Decapitated seems also as capable to raise the bar each album which is what most metal bands today are striving desparately to do. So they changed singers and strayed away from the traditional death metal sound, a band deserves to grow. Fans deserve to be intrigued and not aimlessly filled with boredom by the same old riffs you heard the last two albums. Covan holds it down and has a wider range. My approval is not at question it is the acceptance by the biased metal heads out there that should be in light of interrogation. This album gets a flawless score on my end, but i'll end with a few words to Decapitated themselves: Don;t stop what your doing! Organic is by far the best album you've released, and I as well as a million others i'm sure, are salivating for the next slice of the Decapitated pie. Thrash on and keep up the groove.

Houston, Texas