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Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis - 80%

TheMephisto, January 30th, 2006

So Decapitated ventured out to release their 4th album, Organic Hallucinosis. With their old vocalist out of the band and a new one in, their sound has changed in some aspects.

The vocals on this album are terrible. I almost got put off after the first song by the album and nearly closed my media player, but i decided just to ignore the vocals and concentrate on the music.

The riffs on this album are killer. Some of Vogg's best work in my opinion. With Tracks like Day 69 and Post B(l)ack have killer riffage all the way through. The guitar is also complemented by the drumming. The drumming is as good as ever (well for Decapitated's standards anyway) And Vitek keeps the double bass strong throughout the whole album. The lyrics are also interesting in their own way but they are ruined by (as already stated)( atrocious vocals. The bass, well you can't really hear it on this album which is sort of disappointing

Decapitated sort of let me down ever since Winds of Creation, But Organic Hallucinosis has once again rekindled my faith in them. Besides the terrible vocals and the inaudible bass, This album gets a fair score of 80. Good work, Decapitated.