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Masters of Modern Death Metal - 93%

Soulflayer, July 9th, 2009

I had heard Organic Hallucinosis before, a few songs here and there, but it didn’t make a big impact on me. I’m can’t remember the moment I got into them, but it definitely was with Organic Hallucinosis.

When I put on this album, and it reminds me on why I got into underground metal music when I was a young teen. Now, a decade and a half later, grey hairs appearing, and an expanding waistline, this album, above all death metal albums released in the past five years, stands above all.

This album is just short of perfection. The production couldn’t be any better, and amazing production is only so if the music itself is as awesome as a beautiful pair of tits slapping your face after a long day at work.

The vocals are nice, really, really nice, like nice C cup set of breasts, just right. Don’t Covan’s vocals remind you of the articulated ferocity of death metal vocals from the late 80s to early 90s? Not incomprehensible gurgly jibba jabba. Decapitated always had very mediocre, generic vocals anyway before this. Sauron did the job, but just like a Mexican janitor, there was no real effort in the performance.

Reviews that go through each tracks are pretty lame, so I'll just touch on one track. Excellent riffs and arrangements in all the songs, but some song are better than others naturally, and that's usually due to the hooks in the song. Post (?) Organic, well, quite possible the best death metal song ever. Just listen to it yourself, and you'll notice the hooks that should always make your head move involuntarily.

Revelation of Existence (The Trip) is a song I often skip. For a song about drugs, it could have been a little less generic. Perhaps if there were eight songs on this album, I'd contemplate a perfect score… Though probably not.

I see too many 100% being thrown around on album reviews in the archives. It’s probably to boost the overall rating for a favorite band. Well much like posting all of ones pictures on facebook, you’re fooling yourself. The perfection of death metal was achieved in ’91, on a little album call Human. Only a handful of other albums will ever be perfect.

It is so sad that Vitek lost his life. He had become a master of his craft.

The family bond is among the tightest of all. I can see the new Decapitated being really good, Vogg is a genius riff wizard. However, it will never be the same, it can never be.