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Good Music, Shitty Vocals - 75%

ShadowsFallen, February 8th, 2006

Decapitated's fourth album is something of a double-edged sword, which they have effectively used to duplicate the scenerio seen on Cryptopsy's Wisper Supremacy. In the past, people worshipped this band for Winds of Creation, but saw a decline with the polished, less technical feel of The Negation. Although Organic Hallucinosis is definitely a different route, I would venture to say that it is now my second favorite Decapitated album.

The one and only drawback of the album is the obvious: Covan. This guy is like Mike DiSalvo in that he would sound more in place in a hardcore band than death metal, only with an even higher voice. Quite simply, this guy blows. His scream is forceful and angry sounding, but does not accent the music like Sauron's deep growls did. Instead, this guy hold it all back. Way back. Although I have been getting used to him, there's no getting around the fact that this guy does not belong in death metal whatsoever.

However, the album has a strong redeeming factor. Had Sauron done the vocals in place of Covan, this would easily be Decapitated's strongest album yet. Although it does not have the raw tech feel of their debut, the riffs are more fucking brutal than ever. The drums come through very cleary with a punchy sound, which drives the album forward. The guitars are thick and cruchy. All the instruments combine to make sledgehammer-like death metal. Merely the intro to Poem About an Old Prison Man is enough to make you rewind the saong and listen to the riffs again. Post(?) Organic and Flash-B(l)ack aren't too shabby either, with the same fast, bludgeoning riffwork. The production plays a big role in this equilibrium, mixing the instruments to levels of perfection, making sure every note of every solo (which are bouts of very impressive shredding) comes though hard.

So despite one large, major flaw, this album has definite replay value. Instrumentally Decapitated has come back with arguably their most enjoyable ever, while the vocals deliver a terrible first impression. Give this another chance - many chances if that's what it takes - to allow yourself to see the good that this album possesses. Although it's not excellent by death metal standards, it is a brutal record that is not hard to enjoy after a little getting used to.