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Cornerstone of Death Metal music - 100%

SepticFleshRot, May 20th, 2009

There is a reason why the death of drummer Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka and continued hospitalization of vocalist Adrian "Covan" Kowanek has become an international tragedy among Metalheads—they were amazing musicians. To say that these guys made a good album is a gross understatement. These men, along with the rest of DECAPITATED, had created one of the best Death Metal albums yet to be released.

The album itself requires no introduction, and the first track, “A Poem About An Old Prison Man” blasts off into true, technical Death Metal—the way it was meant to be. The technical guitar riffs are a ubiquitous background, while drummer Vitek lays down an impenetrable foundation of phenomenal drumming. Vocalist Covan does a great job working through an undoubtedly thick Polish accent along with Death Metal roars to make lyrics decipherable, yet awesomely brutal.

“Day 69” is definitely the most fun song in the album. The entire band brings out everything they’re made of. Covan sounds more brutal than ever, the guitar riffs are more technical and catchy, and the drum work is even more impossible to emulate. This song peaks at the end of Covan’s line, “Sewers, running through my veins”, transitioning to a superb drum solo that continues to blow my mind even today.

“Relevance of Existence (The Trip)” shows off the band’s groovy side, à la LAMB OF GOD with some highly distorted yet catchy riffs and more Groove/Thrash-like drum-work. Even Covan’s barking style in this song reminds me of LOG vocalist Randy Blythe. Being a solid LOG fan, this made the song even better for me.

The guitar riffs reach their most complicated point in “Post(?)Organic” and this, coupled with a constant stream of double-bass pedaling from Vitek, creates an awesome storm of pure, unadulterated Death Metal. Throw in a great guitar solo in there, and the song becomes one of the most memorable on the album.

Hearing “Visual Delusion”, I realized how aptly-named the song is to the sound, despite the paradox between the senses. The guitar has an eerie, distant resonance to it that is very beneficial in creating the “delusional” ambience. Even the great guitar solo reminds me of insane asylums and strait jackets (trust me; you’ll get the same reaction).

“Flash(B)lack” demonstrates DECAPITATED’s more traditional Death Metal approach, while still retaining the groove prevalent in “Relevance of Existence (The Trip”. The song features some great drum breaks and wicked groovin’ guitar riffs making this another top song on this album.

The finale of the album begins with some great hypnotic guitar tones and blazing fast drum-work before hunkering down to wholesome Death Metal awesomeness. A great finish to a great album, “Invisible Control” combines everything that is superb about DECAPITATED and concentrates it in just under 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, the future of DECAPITATED is looking pretty bleak, as Covan officially left the band, and a drummer to fill in the massive void left in the band due to Vitek’s death is yet to be found. However, “Organic Hallucinosis” is certainly a testament to the great band that is DECAPITATED, and is definitely one of the top Death Metal albums ever released.

Recommended songs: “Day 69”, “Post(?)Organic”, “Flash(B)lack”… hell, all of them are good.