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Decapitated at their very best - 96%

MikeyC, December 27th, 2006


This album absolutely reeks of brutality. From start to finish, the Polish kids' fourth album, "Organic Hallucinosis", will rip you to shreds. This is definitely their best album to date.

Here's why: From the start of the first track, "A Poem About An Old Prison Man", you can tell there have been production changes. The guitars have been tuned down more, giving it a more crunchy sound, and bringing them more to the forefront. The drumming is loud and clear, and isn't taking a back seat anywhere. The bass...well, where is it? With everything else that's happening, it seems to be lost somewhere. With all due respect to Martin and all other bass players, it isn't needed much on this album.

Of course, the biggest difference is the vocals. With Sauron gone, in steps Covan. Contrary to what a lot of negative reviews are saying about him, this guy is WAY better. WAAAY better than Sauron. There really is no comparison. Covan can vary his singing style, changing from whispers to high screams, as opposed to Sauron's monotone grunts. It really gives the music more of an edge to it. While his english isn't perfect (cataclysm is pronounced cataclys-), neither was Sauron's. Covan must stay.

The songwriting is pretty good...most of the time. "Revelation Of Existence (The Trip)" and "Flash-B(l)ack" are the weakest songs on the album, mainly because they seem to copy and paste. Take the first half of the songs, then cut and paste that and add them at the end, making them double in length. Listen to them, and you'll know what I mean. "Post(?)Organic" is the best song they've ever written. The riff from 4:07 to 4:29, with 4/4 drums and 3/4 choppy guitars nearly gave me orgasms. I could hear that while my legs are being amputated. Very crunchy, very heavy.

This album is also much more technical than their last album "The Negation". Where that album lacked, this one makes up for in spades. Just listen to the riffing and drumming just before the vocals kick in on the first track and you'll know what I mean. Sounds like something from Meshuggah in their Chaosphere days.

One drawback with this release is it's length. It scrapes in at 7 tracks and 32 minutes, making it one short listen. None of the songs are overly long, which doesn't help the total time. I hope they put at least 8 songs of decent length on their next one because the album just flies.

Still, one flaw in a plethora of positives is nothing to sneeze at. This is by far their best release, even surpassing the mighty "Nihility". If you love technical death metal, then you simply must pick this one up. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Best tracks: A Poem About An Old Prison Man, Day 69, Post(?)Organic, Visual Delusion