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Coven-era Decapitated Makes For Horny M.H. Junkies - 27%

Metaphysical_Anomaly, February 5th, 2006

(Note: M.H. being abbreviaslang for Machine Head)

It is upon us.

The unstoppable devastating force that was the Polish quartet Martin, Vitek, Vogg, and Sauron, is no more. Yes, the band is still together, (minus Sauron, plus Coven) but at what cost? The dignity of this extremely talented group of Polish youths has been bludgeoned by an offering of pure half-thrash horse shit.

"Organic Hallucinosis" is an album that would make the most die-hard Machine Head, Pantera, Zakk Wylde, etc. fan cream their pants and sing praises of joy unto the heavens themselves. But what of the rest of us? The people who remember the fine times when a person could crush their grey matter with the darkly technical album "Winds of Creation", and the intriguingly razor sharp riffage of "Nihility". Hell, I remember complaining about the abrupt change of style in the disputedly "polished" efforts of "The Negation". Oh, what I wouldn't give for those days again.

"Organic Hallucinosis", with or without Coven's intent, has completely inverted the genre of this act. I looked forward to giving this album a shining technical death metal seal of approval. Sadly, this is not the case. It looks like i shall be reviewing a Machine Head album instead, though i cannot bear to unspoil every track for you. You'll have to waste your beer money yourself.

"Day 69"
A favorite live track for them, unfortunatly. Starts off with unusual step on and off drone riffs and the usual battery of double bass hits by Vitek. Nothing particularly rotten, yet that's when the vocals chime in and the guitars follow suit. A toilet flush of barking half-thrash vocals mixed with uninspired stop and go riffs from the usually talented Vogg. The song carries on like this for sometime while I cry and hold my ears.

"Revelation of Existence (the Trip)"
Ho ho, what have we here? A decent song if you're a fan of male twinkings at Manilla Road shows. A song on a Decapitated album however? I'd say this was the most out of place item in existence if it were on one of Decapitated's previous offerings. This however, sums this latest release up perfectly. A macrocosm of cheesy nu-riffs backed by an even cheesier drum performance by the guilty party, Vitek. Vogg manages to throw in a semi-decent solo somewhere in the midst of the crap. Oh, did I mention the vocals are complete tripe? Yes? Well, I'll say it again. Utter shit. I will go no further.

My advice to the fans of Sauron-era Decapitated: Pass this one up.

My advice to newcomers to Decapitated's music: Pass this one up and go for Nihility.

My advice to Vitek, Vogg, and Martin: Strangle Coven in his sleep and beg Sauron to rejoin.

My advice to Myself: Until the above happens, lets turn our attention to the true kings of Polish Tech Death...Yattering. All Hail Marcin Swierszczinski -|-