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A personal death metal staple - 90%

TheMorticiansFlame, March 17th, 2008

Nihility was one of the first death metal albums I picked up, and I am very grateful for that. Decapitated for me, is a band that will alwyas view how I see death metal. This albums is an intense, fast, furious, ride that only takes about a half hour to listen to. The first time listening to it, it does not really seem to stop at all, but after listening for awhile, things start to make more sense.

The technical aspect of this album is one that can surely not be overlooked. I know it is not the most flashy or astounding tech death albums out there, but it definately has the power to wow you at some points. The guitar parts are very cleanly played and leave little to be desired in tone and clarity. The drums are also a huge part of this album, Vitek shapes the enitre sound of the album with his ferocious drumming and unrelenting blast beats and double bass drum. The vocals on the album are not the greatest, but they definately are not the worst. They are mixed relatively low anyway so if they really get on your nerves, they are not the focal point of the album. The harmonies on some of the guitar parts are also fantastic, they give the album a much richer, more evil sound than if it had just been one guitar. The almost sickening amount of minor thirds also helps to add to how evil and bitter the guitar riffs sound.

The songwriting on this album is also something that I believe must be given credit. Most death metal bands are accused of sounding the same, and I'm not going to lie, this album has its share of similar riffs, but the songs are distinguishable in some parts, which I think is a very important thing for a death metal album to have.

Now this may sound completely cheesey and lame, but my favorite song on this album by far is Spheres of Madness. It is just completely unrelentingly brutal. It is hard to listen to that opening riff and not headbang or nod your head, its almost makes you think of a groovey riff. It is one of the catchiest riffs in death metal I've heard, and the rythm pattern is always stuck in my head.

Some not-so-great things about this album is the length of the songs. Many of them could be trimmed down to a more listenable size. Also, the vocals add to the fact that the songs sound similar, like I said before, the vocals aren't the worst, but they can detract from some of the more appealing aspects of the album

Overall, there are very few songs on this album that I would reccomend staying away from. If you are looking for a brutal album that will get you pumped up to go fight someone, I would highly suggest giving Nihility a quick listen through, you will not be dissapointed.