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Very good - 80%

Sinner, October 15th, 2002

This is the second album of the Polish Death Metal band Decapitated, not counting the The First Damned release, which is basically a collection of their first demo?s.

Musically this band reminds me a lot of Morbid Angel, very technical and filled with lots of riffs, melodies and a lot of instrumental passages, which however never get boring due to the very inventive and tight playing. What impresses me a lot is the fact that, even though the average age of the band members is around 20 (!!) they already manage to deliver an album which puts a lot of fellow death metallers to shame. Just listen to a track like "Mother War" or my absolute favorite "Spheres of Madness".

All four of the musicians are obviously very skilled at their instruments, and even their vocalist Sauron has a grunt which I would call pleasant. (normally with most death metal bands, the singer/grunter is my main point of complaint). There?s really not a thing about this album wich I can talk about in a negative way.

It seems that that other Polish band Vader might have some serious competition on their hands and should better come up with something very impressive if they don?t want to loose their title of best polish metal band ! (and the same goes for most other death metal bands around !) Mark my words, if Decapitated manage to keep this quality up, we will hear a lot from them in the future...