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Not worth the time of day - 46%

Dulthasil, July 27th, 2008

Extreme metal as a whole is crammed with alot of formulaic boredom. Occasionally however there's something that's really quite special. This album then, is representative of extreme metal as a whole. Certain songs really have that sense of energy and intensity that makes death metal great; others are just insipid and monotonous.

It's difficult to tell what they had in mind for this album, some sections seem to have an almost 'it'll do' mentality. You could be forgiven for not noticing Babylon's Pride and Symmetry of Zero are different songs, as the sound of both are so similar. Many of the riffs fit the death metal cliché and that’s about it.

When you get to songs like "spheres of madness" or "eternity too short" it's almost worth all the previous dross, as the quality of the writing is very high. The guitar uses some interesting harmony and the songs twist and turn in unexpected ways; refreshing compared to most of the album.

However despite these merits it's all for nothing why you notice how unbelievably dull the drumming is. The double bass is utterly relentless and not in a particularly good way. They bash away in the back of every track almost identically, when the sheer unoriginality of the drums becomes apparent, the rest of the album becomes annoying. This is really what turns the album from average to irritating.

The vocals are barely even worth mentioning for the most part, as they fail utterly to produce anything memorable. Is there a bass in this album? It appears to be absent for some unknown reason, probably totally mixed out, so it can’t really be commented on.

Not the worst death metal you could find, simply an example of good and bad; with the drumming shitting on all of it. You could really make alot better use of your time than listening to this, get Organic Hallucinosis instead.