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Polish warmachine destroying your screen! - 82%

Asamaniac, October 15th, 2008

I really don’t know what to say since I am rather confused with this DVD release. On the one hand I am really excited to have the chance to hold the first ever DVD release by an ass kicking band like DECAPITATED, but shouldn’t last year’s tragic events slow this release down or even put it aside? The band’s members are probably permitting the release of this DVD so nothing’s wrong, but... I just don’t know. Something doesn’t feel right.

The band that amazed the Death Metal scene with its ambiguous debut release, the 1997 demo CD "Cemeteral Gardens" managed to earn its reputation not only by the fact that when they were formed the age of its members ranged from 14 to 16 years old, but also by their incredible technical abilities and their unique Death Metal sound. It was only 12 years ago when some Polish youngsters started a band that would be considered as the next VADER today...

Even though VADER is a big name in the Death Metal scene and I can’t even fall in the trap to compare these two titans, DECAPITATED have shown their class by releasing top quality albums and delivering some great live shows. Some of these shows are contained in this DVD release, which happens to be their first ever DVD as I mentioned above. Oh, and by the way. I am here to judge the content of this DVD and nothing else so forget about the ideological crisis I had in the beginning of this review.

The main attraction of "Human’s Dust" is a live performance by DECAPITATED in Krakow during 2002. This means that the band’s setlist has stuff until "Nihility". I really think that you don’t need someone like me commenting on the abilities of such a band, since you already know what to expect to see in here. The band gets on stage and they cause a brutal holocaust! The band thing about the shows that Metal Mind Productions offers us on DVD is that even though they’ve got incredibly nice audio and video quality they lack of the passion they should have. The poor bands give it all on stage and the crowd is nearly asleep. The guys in the front row are so comfortable that they could even hold a coconut and enjoy the night like they were lying on a beautiful beach. I thought that Polish people are way more extreme during a Death Metal show.

Except from the great live show the band gave in Krakow, there are also two bonus live goodies. The first is DECAPITATED’s appearance in Ozzfest, Katowice, in 2002. A show that proves the band’s gloriousness on stage, but as they say themselves in the DVD, the crowd was definitely not ready for such a band. They are way too "noisy" for such a festival. The second bonus addition is the show the band gave in Metalmania Festival in Katowice, 2004. The good thing about this show is that it took place the same year the band’s incredible "The Negation" was released, so you can see the band performing live brutal hymns like "Three-Dimensional Defect", "Lying And Weak", "Sensual Sickness" and "The Negation". Too bad the crowd is clinically dead for one more time.

Now, if we put aside the live goodies "Human’s Dust" holds for you, there are also several bonus stuff that will probably seem more than interesting to you. Three interviews, one with Vitek and Vogg, one with Vogg and Sauron and one with Martin and Sauron, give you the band’s opinion on several stuff like how they feel on what they have achieved so far etc. The only bad thing is the irritating journalist who keeps praising the band with stupid questions. I really thought that his next question was going to be "Why are you so amazing?" Finally, "Human’s Dust" offers some extra stuff like photo gallery, biography, discography, desktop images, weblinks, as well as Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound.

As you can see "Human’s Dust" is one more high quality release by the Polish label Metal Mind Productions and I believe that this DVD is really worth its money. Fans of DECAPITATED and Death Metal fans in general should check this release out immediately. I just hope that these guys will continue playing and offering us some great stuff despite what happened. I think that Vitek would want the same thing.

Originally written for Metal-Temple.Com
Yiannis D.