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Not bad, not special. - 78%

Egregius, August 13th, 2003

Decameron plays Swedish melodic deathmetal. That should tell you enough. It's not 100% gothenburg sound though.

Sure they borrow the typical guitarsound largely, and it certainly is guitardriven music. And the lyrics are about 'dark' subjects, with the vocals in that typical kind of death-vox. But it would almost seem they're just slightly on the edge of the gothenburg sound. Maybe it's the different mix/guitar sound. Maybe because the music has slightly more sense of direction.

On the other hand, what the music has in the illusion of technicality, is juxtaposed with certain elements of 'wankery', as in the alternation of high and low notes at near-unexpected moments, to make it seem technical (as it would appear to me).

This is a nice cd if you can find it cheap, and you like the idea of swedes going all out on their guitars, but all in all it really isn't all that special in an otherwise bloated scene. It's a band worthy of listening, but not a band that renews your faith in anything labeled 'melodic death metal'. It just rises very slightly above the genre.