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Decadence - The Creature - 85%

Phuling, April 23rd, 2008

It’s not often I receive a melodic death metal album, and I’d normally be fairly quick to dismiss it, as I usually want my death metal way more brutal. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t groovy-as-fuck!

The opening track Red is really a punch in the gut. Strings that’ll make your ears bleed, a chorus that’ll chill your spine and back ups that’ll shatter your bones. It’s so full of energy that just sweeps you away and into the twister that is Decadence. And that energy and power continues onto the second song and the third and the fourth etc. Though it occasionally makes a pit stop into slower regions, giving me a little ballad warning, it’s just as awesome throughout the entire album. Vocally it’s raw-as-hell, going from raging screams to the occasional murderous growls.

The riffs that these songs are built around are so freakishly groovy and energetic. You can’t help but to do a little air guitaring, drumming and headbanging. It’s weird to think that this is self-produced all the way to the final product, and by folks just around 20 years old. It seems too good to just be that, but it is… And you have to salute ‘em for it. The only thing I could possibly wish for is a tad more growls. ‘Cause I think that’d add a bit more brutality to the mix, but hey that’s me. Powerful thrashing death metal with tons of melody. Keep it up!

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