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Good shite! - 82%

Snxke, December 22nd, 2004

Deathwitch are a band I haven't heard much from...but this CD certainly impressed me despite the rather silly artwork. Deathwitch play a mix of blasting death, thrash and black metal that is well produced, intensly played and shockingly varied. Deathwitch have created a diverse collection of thrashers on this record that alternate many styles while not ever becoming a total mess at the same time. Harsh vocals, skilled drums, good Satan worshipping insanity?!?!

I'm impressed!

Key tracks on this death-feast include the thrashtastic "Possessed Sadist", "Flag of Black Death" and "Terror Doom". Also noteworthy are the technical rape-of-death attack of "Fire Fuck" and the early-Entombed grind of "Total Cremation". A few tracks here or there fall into blast-beat boredom but overall this is a strong effort featuring a great mix of crushing death/doom riffs mixed with blasting grind-death. This record may not always be catchy, but it's NEVER boring.

I am glad I discovered Deathwitch as they fit a certain needed extreme between well-produced death metal, rocking thrash metal and vile black metal. This band is one to pay attention to in the future and to explore in the past. I am a bit suprised that I haven't heard of this before as it's great stuff...