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An Evolution INto the Unsettling - 90%

Shirt_Guy, February 23rd, 2009

The single track album is certainly a high-class action in the world of music. I’m actually surprised that more bands don’t try it more often. Thankfully most artists that attempt to pull off such effort succeed.

While I’m sure many black metal elitists would hate to hear me say this, but I personally think that Deathspell Omega is moving on from black metal to some other kind of metal, exactly what I’m not sure. The raspy vocals have become more of a croak come out surprisingly clear, with only a hint of reverb, which would likely fit in with many black metal outings. The drums also have a strange sound, which for the most part have decent production and tuning, and there is the odd black metal blast beat, yet there’s something else about the tone I just can’t quite put my finger on. But it’s those guitars that fuel this machine with dissonant tones, off times, jagged, noisy arpeggios and even a few moments where they’re pulled slightly out of tune. The out-of-tune effect works extremely well, as do all the other elements drawn together, as it creates a discordant, strange and extremely unsettling atmosphere. This is a place where you don’t want to be and where terrible acts occur, especially when the tempo runs at slower paces, which this EP does for most of it’s running time.

To be fair though, while this EP was listed as having only one track, yet the pauses and changes come in at just the right moment to cause you to think that this may in reality be a three to five track EP. All the songs fit in with the same psychotic theme, but for the most part if you’re paying attention, it doesn’t feel like one 22-minute song. Even under the interpretation of an EP, this is still wonderful at scaring you.

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