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Bad ass - 100%

WilliamAcerfeltd, August 9th, 2007

Inquisitors Of Satan is arguably the album which made Deathspell Omega what they are today. Infernal Battles was too raw and unknown, so it wasn't until this release that the cult movement began with this band. To summarise this album, it’s raw and grim, and while it lacks the disturbing evil feeling that I get from later releases, it's still pretty damn bad ass all the same.

Inquisitors Of Satan offers all a black metal fan such as myself would want, raw guitars with fast, good, solid riffs and a dark atmosphere. The riffs can be a bit repetitive sometimes but they never get bothered, probably because the riffs are pretty good. This basically goes without saying that they are quite complex and only very talented guitarists could play them. Even if you don't like black metal, you might like to get it just to listen to the riffs.

Shaxul apparently did vocals on this album and he does a pretty good job. He delivers his vocals with passion and rage. It's actually frightening in a way. This is particularly noticeable on songs such as Succubus Of All Vices. His vocals and high-pitched and shrill, in my opinion, he is one of the best vocalists in the black metal industry. If Themgoroth had done vocals here, this album would have been absolutely stunning. Nonetheless Shaxul is a good vocalist and that's the bottom line.

The drumming is pretty straight forward. It’s basically just blast beats throughout the entire album. It does change around a bit but its basically just textbook blast beating. However, the riffs and guitar work make up for it. The drumming isn't really all that bad anyway, it doesn't weaken the album.

Overall this is a very good album, hence the high score. This album is basically flawless and it was amazing that Deathspell Omega would go onto better this album when they recorded SMRC, which in my opinion, revolutionised black metal (yes, I think it's THAT good). As stated above, while it lacks the shocking, evil feel of later releases which disturbed me, it's still great and absolutely essential to any black metal fan.

Conclusion: The above is strongly recommended for purchase.