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Brilliant. - 94%

Vlad_Tepes, February 24th, 2004

Upon first impressions, Inquisitors of Satan was just another standard black metal album from another raw black metal band. After many listens, this is so much more. Deathspell Omega has impressed me on many different levels, this was the beginning.

This album isn't clean sounding like SMRC and it isn't raw like Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger. All instruments are very much audible. The vocalist spits out hatred in his well honed black metal scream, reminiscent of Nocturno Culto. The lyrics seem to be about satanism, destruction and nihilism. This is what I gather from the booklet, as only a few sentences(sometimes single words)are decipherable. The guitar work ranges from speedy, thrash-ish riffing, to slower pounding desecration and minimalistic, sweeping melodies; also reminiscent of Transilvanian Hunger. Deathspell Omega have written some fucking excellent, and dare I say 'rocking', riffs here. See 'From Unknown Lands of Desolation' and 'Lethal Baptism'. The drums are fairly fast paced and predominantly blasting, but slowing down in appropriate places and working perfectly with the guitars. The closer, Decadence, wouldn't be out of place of their latest album, with it's droning, depressive riffing. This is a brilliant black metal album, it's not tiring, not repetitious and doesn't bore me for one moment. If you're looking for some newer, refreshing black metal, check this release out. Great work.