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Deathspell Omega - Drought - 95%

Avestriel, June 22nd, 2012

Surprisingly enough, two years after their trilogy closer, Paracletus, which demonstrated a matured balance between the godlike, knotty mirage of seemingly incongruous technicality and tempo-madness of Fas[...] and the controlled, disciplined chaos of dissonance within more traditional structures that was Si Monumentvm[...], comes this, the first EP post-2005 by DSO that has more than one track.

In its considerably short length of just over 20 minutes, DSO presents us with a bridge between Paracletus and Fas. Perhaps it was intended as an epilogue of sorts to the trilogy; perhaps I'm thinking too much into things. The reality of the matter is that this little EP fits snugly between the previous two full-lengths more than any of the three 25~min. EPs recorded between 2005 and 2008 (not to mention the still developing pre-Fas chaotic and unrepentant sounds of Kénôse), and with reason. During this time, DSO has had time to refine their sound and mature their songwriting skills, and even though it is dwarfed by its older peers both in length and scale, this EP showcases the conclusion of this almost six-year-old process.

I'd be at fault saying it's the best thing they've done, if only because of the simple fact that it's too short to be truly satisfying. The band did their best to make it as dynamic as possible, presenting both dragging tempos and maniacal blastbeats and all things in between, along with both sheer aggressiveness and gorgeous arrangements (case in point, the closer presents some of the most beautiful solos the band has ever churned, along with a progressive structure that goes from frantic to mournful, culminating in a haze of otherworldly bliss. No, it's not nearly as gay as I made it sound), but in the end this EP should have been released sometime in the long silence between Fas and Paracletus, because it works as the perfect sampler, the perfect teaser or even a very functional introduction to the most inaccessible works of the band.

In this little EP, Deathspell Omega presents itself in its most refined form, producing a thorough summary of their towering masterworks, those recorded and released between 2005 and 2010 (that is, including previous EPs) in a fun size pill that, while not exactly easy to swallow, should both work as a wonderful appetizer for those who are already accustomed to (or even enamoured with) DSO's very particular brand of extreme music, and as a very versatile introduction for those who have been lured into the cave but dare not dive into the darkness head-first.