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Thrash Metal From The Shores Of Highland Lakes! - 80%

brocashelm, December 31st, 2008

YES! A band from my hometown, Highland Lakes, NJ! For those who don't know (and there's no reason you should), Highland Lakes is way up north in the rural part of the state, near the cow country of Orange county, New York. It lies on top of one of the Appalachian mountains that overlooks Sussex county, and specifically, Vernon, NJ. It's incredibly beautiful but very boring to grow up there, but as I was a teenage thrashing death metal fanatic, I was thrilled to find a great band like Deathrash hailing from my very town! The band never signed a record deal, although this demo got enough attention for the band to have "Buried Alive" appear on New Renaissance records SPEED METAL HELL II sampler, and the tape itself is a well recorded slice of traditional thrash metal in the Metallica/Slayer vein of things. With good dynamics, and raw but clear sound, it seemed this demo might launch the band onto greater career heights, but sadly it was not to be. A great blast from the extreme metal past. By the way, Whiplash/Slayer drummer Tony Scaglione spent some time in the band's ranks, and bassist Pat Burns also became a member of Whiplash. So there.

Another hidden demo - 71%

Human666, March 16th, 2007

Deathrash is another Thrash band among all these who were active for a short time in the 80's. Before they disbanded they released only one demo with 3 tracks. Not enough to judge well a band, but it seems like they were a decent band who knows how to kick some asses.

The production, as for a first demo, is average. There is a static noise all over the demo and the instruments sounds dusty a bit but it isn't too much annoying. You can hear almost clearly all the riffs, the drums sounds ok, the bass doesn't sensed at all and the vocals sounds pretty good but not outstanding in any way. The last song however suffering from a horrible sound. The drums too much loud and when it played together with the guitar and vocals the sound crushing all the time.

What we got here is a short headbanging experience. Nonstop riffing which keeps a Thrashing rhythm without any break for breath or resting your neck. The songs doesn't sounds much different from each other but the demo doesn't lasts for too long so it won't make you bored. The lead guitar sounds fine, not too much intense or brilliance but it works good.

So if you are a die hard fan of Thrash you can try this demo. Not something unusual or groundbreaking or even important much but it's a good one which works fine and doesn't sucks [except the production....].