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Epidemic of aggression. - 83%

Andromeda_Unchained, April 4th, 2012

Like Slayer, early Sepultura, Kreator, Hypnosia? Well you're going to fucking love Brazilian thrashers Deathraiser's debut release Violent Aggression. Judging by the cover, and some of the track listing, I originally thought this was going to be your bog standard modern thrash. Nothing like a good surprise, and it's good to see some bands going for the more brutal, violent approach to thrash.

At just nine songs and under half an hour this is over quick, blasting away with no remorse and gunning straight for the throat. The album kicks off with the furious title track which absolutely bludgeons into submission. The riffing style is quality, and has just as much in common with Slayer as it does acts such as Demolition Hammer. The lead guitar approach is straight out of the Slayer handbook, a blood-curdling mess of trem abuse and flurries of quickly picked note patterns. The drums have a good sound here, and the bass pedals really smash into your gut, not too far away from Dismember's Indecent & Obscene's drum sound. The bass is right up in the mix too, which is just fucking great and further adds to the punishment.

With raucous odes to violence such as "Terminal Disease", and "Killing the World" Deathraiser really deliver the goods. This is fast, balls-out thrash metal that really doesn't let up, completely relentless and almost tripping over the sheer amount of energy in display. Deathraiser can proudly sit alongside acts such as Havok, Vektor, Bonded by Blood and Skeletonwitch as some of the very fucking best new thrash metal around. Absolutely punishing!

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A glorious toxic soup bath. - 89%

hells_unicorn, March 16th, 2012

My search for a viler, more vindictive form of necromancy has found itself yet again in the decrepit realm of extreme Brazilian thrash metal. Spewing forth from a view of hate filled toxic waste; it melts bones with the acid of a thousand angry shouts and hundreds of swarming riffs, toppling all whom oppose. This beast I speak of is the newly born fit of metal thrashing mania that is Deathraiser, one that apparently knows how to leave an impression, right in the middle of the listener’s skull. Do you wish to know what sort of rotten funk exists “Beneath The Remains”? Look no further than “Violent Aggression”, one of the most extreme albums yet to be unleashed from the jungle rot just south of the equator.

The old cliché of pick your poison holds doubly true here, as one song is literally just as good as the next, and will kill you just about as quickly for that matter. Hell, one of these nasty little monsters in just barely over a 3 minute package is titled “Terminal Disease” and literally manages to reap as much auditory destruction as AIDS would in the same number of years to one’s immune system. Picture the nastiness of Sepultura combined with the blackened stench and vocal assault of Sodom and you won’t be far off. Spice it up with some over-the-top soloing that defies long-term memory retention for all the Trey Azagthoth and Kerry King worship going on and the picture is basically complete.

There are literally a handful of songs on here that up the brutality factor so much that they all but cross over into Cannibal Corpse territory. “Enslaved By Cross” and “Killing The World” just lay it down in the most unrelenting way possible, blasting and thrashing a literal mile a minute and leaving little more than a monument of body parts in its wake. Much like their brethren Sepulture, the lyrical subjects occasionally get politically charged, but it’s of little consequence to any dissenters as the music is so balls out fucking intense that they’d hardly be bothered to attempt to comprehend the unintelligible ramblings of the vocals amid the chaotic tableau they’re painting over.

Anyone seeking a varied experience would do well to look elsewhere, because this is basically a one-trick pony, albeit one of the better ones to come out of the woodwork in the better part of 7 years of re-thrash revivalist bands. But for the same insane flock that want something strong enough for Suffocation but PH balanced for the likes of Morbid Saint, this is about as crazy as it gets without crossing into the territory of the former. For those not blessed with a spine made of the same metal grafted onto Wolverine’s skeleton, handle with caution.