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Deathcult - ...and Heaven Spits Blood

Raw, Brutal, Destructive Metal - 85%

HeroinAddikt, December 9th, 2008

The intro consists of ghastly screams with echo effects. In essence, nothing special thus far. As the music begins, I notice that the guitar is coming through quite clearly, despite lower quality vocals and slightly distorted drumming. The music is impressive to me in the sense that the riffs sound more death metal than "raw black metal", but the music style is definitely correctly identified as the music as a whole has a somewhat dark sound. Transitions between the different themes of the songs are well done. I'm surprised this band only put out the one demo after a split with Deathcult's other project, Katharsis. Though I did say that the drumming is slightly distorted, don't get me wrong - it is brutal. It's fast, though not overpoweringly loud, and it keeps up well with the tempo of the music. Some of the faster passages of this release remind me of Bone Awl, with slightly less annoying vocals.

The vocals aren't too appealing to me, but I've listened to so many talentless vocalists in the black and death metal sub genres that it doesn't bother me even the slightest. The vocals, like the drums, are not overpowering the music as a whole. Music is usually ruined for me whenever the guitars are hard to hear, and the drumming and vocals take over with loud distorted noise (unless, of course, the genre is noise). This production doesn't struggle trying to balance anything into the music, it just does it well.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this release. It's a good listen, especially if you're frustrated or angry. I would stay away from this if you're not a fan of raw black metal, seeing as it is moderately distorted. However, this isn't to scare you away, it's just the nature of the music. The music itself wouldn't be as empowering and interesting a listen if it were more melodic or less distorted, seeing as the band as a whole was aiming for something pretty brutal , raw, and intense. It could have improved with better vocals, slightly more technical work and a little bit less of the repetitious noisy distorted passages. The guitar part was wonderful, but definitely could have expanded at times. I would recommend this release to fans of brutal, fast, raw, and extreme metal.