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Deathchain = Audio Whiplash - 83%

Monstro_City, February 9th, 2005

I am not an enormous fan of this band. But I can certainly see why others would be. So forgive me if I begin to appear a little fanatic about them. I’m just trying to deliver the facts. And the fact is, these guys fucking kick ass. They are definitely a credit to their genre, not Metal in general, but Thrash/Death Metal in and of itself. I was initially turned off by this genre when I found Darkane (being a very shallow band, and very one dimensional in generic sound). Because of my hypocritical lumping, I was soured by Thrash/Death and didn’t bother to have my flame of interest relit until I heard Grimfist for the first time. Don’t make my mistake. For all of you who have been ill-convinced that there is no other band out there that can hold a candle to (old) Sepultura, rejoice! Here comes Deathchain!

To combine genres takes am intuitive mind, some succeed and others don’t. Deathchain has succeeded. With flying colors. While they may not bring anything new to the listener (which should not always be the case when determining a band’s worth) “Deadmeat Disciples” is an exhilarating album that cannot only be used as a steppingstone to other genres, but is a contribution to the Metal world that you will not easily forget! It being the perfect blend of Thrash/Death Metal that it is, the collaboration between both genres has been achieved and mastered. While (like Darkane) these bands will have a repetitive Thrash Drummer who offers nothing but speed, Deathchain pursues a much more intelligible Percussion style, that may not possess as much depth as a Sepultura’s tribal influenced style, but leans towards a more Death influenced style that is far more technical. Furthermore, their Singer must also be mentioned, who may not be “Vocalist of the Year” but must be congratulated for the growling that was very well performed and thrown into the mix along with the standard Thrash Yelling!

Now, all a fan of this band must be looking for is a good Head Bang. You won’t get much else. But that will be a damn good Head Bang. Deathchain’s riffs are, well, predictable; but still delivered wrathfully and without remorse. All of which are enjoyable completely without remorse. Understand that they are one of those bands that one can’t help but like; they are the perfect definition of Metal. In fact, they actually give their Bassist a few moments in the sun that are not only brutal – but even rather funky. At least, funky compared to the rest of the album whereas the Bass is overpowered. Nevertheless, you’ll forget about all o’ that when the Guitarist starts soloing. This is where the THRASH comes in! Correction: this is where the THRASH rips through and annihilates. I understood that this was also nothing new or original, but wow, it was stellar. Some how, the Guitarist has some kind of style where he outdoes every solo he has just done previously song after song. His marginal propensity to thrill an audience is unparalleled (keeping in mind that the last statement is intended to operate within the boundaries of Thrash/Death, I wasn’t implying that he is the next Yngwie). However, he doesn’t solo in every song. Much of the reason I consider his solo talent outstanding is because he doesn’t abuse the privilege. He doesn’t shred in directions that the band cannot follow, and more importantly; doesn’t go anywhere (the best example I can think of is Dushan Petrossi of Magic Kingdom, who completely forgets he has a band and solos for way too long).

To foreshorten these perspectives, buy this CD if you want a great Head Bang. This won’t be a widely celebrated album, nor will it be on anybody’s top ten list. However, if ravenous brutality is something that must be heard to satisfy thy fierce desires, look no further. Deathchain has no limits to their vicious sound.