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Boring album - 56%

sodometal, May 25th, 2007

Deathchain maintained its place in my watch list after two successful albums. I impatiently waited for the new album to come but still, I wondered how the vocalist change would affect Deathchain. I saw that the answer is not for the good. With this album Deathchain went more death metal than thrash. The music has grown more American. It’s clear that with the new vocalist K.J. Khaos, the band has evolved into a more death metal style. There are blast parts played on melodic guitar rhythms which make it sound like black metal at times.

The vocal is a mixture of harsh and scream vocals. Nevertheless, it comes from rather deep and is rather low. Personally, I don’t like the vocals. The album could have been better with higher pitch vocals closer to the surface of the music (yes, I’m a thrash freak). The sound comes from beneath. It sounds like you have a glass cage between you and your speakers and the singer screams more trying to override the instruments - but he can’t. Guitars have a melodic death tone. But, the leads are not sufficient and variations are maintained through slowing down the tempo and/or rhythm changes. This is something I hate in death metal bands. It is just like an easy way out of the necessity for a decent lead. Some clean tone guitar parts are used as well. Drummer is fast and plays very well. The alto solos are just as good as rhythms.

In conclusion, this album is not the kind of follow-up I expected from Deathchain. It’s the common thought among the metal scene that the change stems from the change of the vocalist. Going more death and leaving thrash could have been better. However, if the band has decided to insist on this new style, this must be considered as a first release and we should wait for the next albums. Some production related improvement is also necessary. All I can say is: Better luck next time.