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Yeah, this is boring - 43%

BurntOffering, August 23rd, 2007

After two energetic thrash cacophonies these guys come back with some pretty mediocre tired stuff. The quality of the music is just lacking. The new singer is kind of monotone. Not in that Chris Barnes burp monotone, but this guy isn't Rotten. The music has more in common with death metal this time around, and there's some subtle melody. This could have been a cool thing, but it's very weak and tired sounding.

We start with Deathammer, and pretty much it's Deathchain watered down. The riffs just aren't very interesting at all. Nothing really commands headbanging. It's just kind of ....there. It may be weird to think of Deathchain as a progressive band, but on the first two albums they'd rarely repeat themselves and the song structures would very interesting. Riffs used to pop out of nowhere and slaughter babies and/or small mammals, but here everything is too calculated. The riffs repeat a bit too often and it can just be plain annoying. Much of this album blends together and not in that cool Demolition Hammer/Reign in Blood style. This is just bland and lifeless. Songs like Hour of the Exorcist, which has a pretty sweet title, is absolutely vapid of any hook or catchy riffwork as shown in previous albums. Pit of the Possessed? Slayer wants it's Angel of Death thrash break back, and not repeated three different times throughout the song. Serpent of the Deep, stupidest fucking chorus ever. I guess repeating the song title 12 times like Corpsegrinder with down syndrome. This band shouldn't slow down honestly. It gets really uninteresting. Take the Slayer song Seasons in the Abyss, instead of the slow evilness with the clean guitar parts similar to that song we get some ridiculous whole notes, with some random clean guitar over it. No atmosphere at all. In the Crypt of Vengence. Snore, more of the same. Except this one has a "Where the Slime Live" type of feel to it at parts. That's a horrible Morbid Angel song by the way. Where are the solos?

Yeah, this is boring. Really. If you're new to Deathchain this may seem amazing, but this crap compared to the first two.

Highlights.....uhhh....Necrophiliac Lust is the closest you get to one, but half way through it just sounds like the rest of them. Go get the first two albums, they are far better.