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Interesting, if not a bit generic, debut - 75%

AzzMan, July 2nd, 2004

So I'm a major ...and Oceans fan. I'm surfing The End Records online, buyin' albums, and then I decide to look for mOrphogenesis. Turns out they didn't have it, but they did have this... I open the link, looking at the artwork saying "Wow, what the hell is this?" And then I was greeted by a paragraph about Deathbound- a brutal death band with ex- and current members of ...aO. Needless to say, I was more than happy to put forth $10 and get this album.

It was just as I expected. To really catch this review, it'd help to have at least a bit of knowledge on the old ...aO sound. The one where they made walls of noise and blastbeats and such.. and then the symphonics. I just had a taco, so I'll compare this to that. A taco can be rather bland (the blastbeats and overall what would be boring guitarwork), but then put on some Taco Bell mild sauce (symphonics), cover teh damn thing with it, and you got yourself one osom taco. Ya get it? OF COURSE NOT!

That's why I'm getting back to the point. Q, the bands drummer, seems to do what Martex used to do. Blast and pound and kill the double bass kick into fame. Only here, the patterns are generally louder and the double bass slower.

Vox? Nothing special. Nothign unique. The riffs? Whaaaatever. The bass? Where?

Even the drumming seems the very same on every track. You know how Cryptopsy are all technical and such, kind of? The patterns and riffs are different on every song and you can EASILY tell? That ain't here. This seems to melt together.

Not in a bad way, per say, as a couple songs DO break off this pattern, the one that comes to mind is As Reluctance Grows.

Really that's not enough to save this album. Maybe I shouldd listen over it again, but I'm not seeing much in it. The thing is, all the musicians are very skilled, and if they buckled down and didn't sound so goddamn generic, they'd be great. But, because I'm not seeing that happening.... I'm probably going to look past them.

Shame. Still, there might be something for someone here, if that someone likes generic DM (not in the Bolt Thrower way either). For me, I'ma wait till their next release, then see if they improved, because I KNOW they can.