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Death SS > The Horned God of the Witches > Reviews
Death SS - The Horned God of the Witches

Evil metal - 81%

EarthsLastPicture, December 8th, 2018

The first Death SS demo and a good one at that. It didn't take Death SS long to find their style, and here they sound as they would throughout the rest of the 80s. Strong NWOBHM vibe with some lumbering doom metal influence and an extra dark/horror touch which blends in well with the naturally epic vibe of this style of metal. The vocals are scratchy, harsher than Venom at times, and the guitar tone is raw and trebly as Hell but still cuts like a knife.

That main falling melodic guitar line at the peak of Terror is a wonderful moment (you'll know the one), and Murder Angel has that amazing "you who came along be DESTROYERS" release to follow it up nicely. The vocals are picked up considerably well but the guitar is rather raw and trebly especially in the lengthy first track, so if that might bother you at all start out with their first album instead. I really like the vocal lines on this, their rhythm along with the scratchy vocal tone contrasts nicely with the guitar lines.

If you like later 80s Death SS, and you're accustomed to demo production, then this is essential listening. Consider it very first wave black metal.