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Reign In Darkness. - 100%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 6th, 2008

Six years, this is what it took for Death SS to release a brand new album. We left the band with the great “Heavy Demons”, a very good album, yet in old classic metal but now we must face some differences in “Do What Thou Wilt”. First of all, we must say that in this album they have a keyboards player in the line up; this is a new thing, and already from the booklet we can see the new dresses utilized by the band: more modern/cyber style and less horror.

Despite of the new influences and the new look, this album is amazing to me. It has the same burden of mysticism and evil of “Black Mass” but with a different approach. “The Awakening Of The Beast” is an instrumental one with voices, cries and noise that prepare us for the coming of the Antichrist, literally coming out from the ground. “The Phoenix Mass” is fast with the double bass drum, thrash riffs and some keys to create strange, occult effects. Great.

Steve’s vocals are always superb, so evil without being screamed or growled! The tribal intro to “Baron Samedi” is so gloom, so ritualistic and strange. The guitar lines are always whispered in the back ground, terminating in a mid paced riff with keys sound. The atmospheres are always full of occultism but so catchy. In “Scarlet Woman” it's all about the keys: it's pure horror and, mixed with the guitars and those vocals, they create a pure vision of perversity and damnation.

The lyrics are always full of sex, ritualistic and evil contents…always in pure Death SS style. The solos are never disconnected from the music because they always create another atmosphere. The whispered female parts are great too. “The Serpent Rainbow” is an extraordinary ballad with the piano sound and the vocals so soft…unbelievable the Steve's abilities. I’m always so close to cry during this song…awesome.

With “Crowley’s Law” the most techno parts take dominion and the whole song is a mix of strange keys sound and filtrated vocals. During the chorus the bass drum is so fast. Anyway this song has always an occult feeling, especially during the “clean” parts. “Guardian Angel” is so black mass oriented in the sound with always a modern touch in the melodies. Than comes “The Shrine In The Gloom”: the title explains everything and the music is the black reflex of it…it's pure darkness with an awesome guitar solo with a tremendous tempo-atmosphere change in it.

“The Way Of The Left Hand” can be perfect for a horror film. The chorus is great with vocals that seem calling you to give your soul to the eternal damnation: so full of wickedness but always so characteristic and evocative. Hypnotising. “Liber Samekh” is unbelievable for malevolence…really, the whole CD can make turn to darkness the most shining and sunny place on the Earth. This is pure evil in form of music. The guitars, the vocals, the whispers, the keys sound, the atmosphere…pure hell.

To really understand what’s on this CD, simply listen to it and prepare to sell your soul during each and every song. Majesty in darkness.