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ok rides a horse - 68%

tomcat_ha, December 1st, 2014

Death Rides a Horse is a little known modern doom metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Pantokrator is their second overall release and first EP they did having released a single demo before this. Since they put this out they released one more EP.

The material on this EP can best be described as power/doom. Fairly busy and uptempo with plenty of melodic leads and riffs. The guitar tone gives it a slight modern stoner/doom metal feel. You will be struggling to find more stoner/doom elements besides this. I would say that this band is closer to Argus than anything else. The production is clear and well done although nothing really sets it apart from a lot of other bands active currently.

The last point there pretty much describes this band. Everything on this EP is competently done but since I received this EP as a gift a couple years ago I do not remember much of this record. The only thing that comes up in my mind when this EP comes up are the vocals. The female vocalist on this record has this to me slightly annoying style of vocals. She often starts and ends parts she sings in a gaspy way. She can sing decently otherwise but this style is just off putting to me. I am also however also quite picky regarding female vocalists much more so than with male vocalists. If female vocals in heavy/doom is something that peaks your interests do check this out.

There is not much else that actively puts me off. There is an awkward transition around the halfway mark on the first song and that is about it. The songs are casually fun otherwise. You will not remember much of whats on this tomorrow I believe though. In the end there are bands in a similar style that just do it better. The aforementioned Argus absolutely blow them out of the water. I can only recommend this EP if you wonder what an Argus style band could sound like with female vocals. They just do not really have any identity other than having a female vocalist. I am giving them some bonus points for the well done Scorpions cover. They are still a young band however and they do have potential. So I will be keeping track of what they will put out in the future. It is just not enough to excite my loins as it is now though.