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Some of the Best Underrated Thrash Metal I Have Ever Heard - 90%

EvilAllen, June 10th, 2019

I've known about Death Power's music for several years, and to be fair, the only song I ever actually knew by them during that time was "The Bogeyman". The title of this release, too. So, I guess it's a suitable fit. Anyways, I want to keep this as level as I can. So, without doing much more of a introduction. I feel it's about time we hope into this. But of course, not before I mention that the band aren't active at the point in time, during this review's publication (I think that's the right way of phrasing it). And according to this site's source, they were from France.

As the years slip by us more-and-more, the releases of the '90's will become old, and so will the people born during those times. It saddening that we'll all end up dead, but I guess being dead is better than being in bondage, especially if some of our lives do suck. And here I go again being an idiot and writing about personal feelings. Pfft, fuck me...not physically... Basically, since this band had a short run, they're not well-known. And this release is obscured, badly. It's getting older, and people need to get off their asses and discover this shit before they get too old to even care.

The album has decent mixing, just overall. Nothing stands out from each other, so that tells me that the engineer knew what he was doing. And yeah, I'm being "sexist" because it was likely a guy who would have done this job back then. So, don't like it? Fuck you. But it's also worth noting that this album's production is muddy, and yes...we should all know why that is... I shouldn't have to explain it, but I will, just in case you are an actual idiot who's reading this, it's from the '90's. There, now you happy? I'm not, I had to waste time by writing more lines.

So, I've heard this record as a whole recently, instead of the one song that I mentioned earlier on. I really feel this band had really good musical intentions...only thing is, it didn't happen. So, as I've listened to this, the more interesting I found it. Generally all the songs have a "wild" nature, have a very "energetic" side to them. As if new life was being formed. And it literally was...musically. And this album is pretty solid, too. Why is it that the obscure bands with obscure releases, sound better than popular bands with popular releases? Probably because with an obscure project, when people discover these bands and their releases on their own, they appreciate the discover that very few know about and keep it close to their heart. At least that's how I am, bitch.

The riffs are quite groovy, every song have the same atmosphere and comfort zone. But at least it's not like having stale ideas and they sound bad or the band being lazy and using "filler" riffs. No, everything here sounds pretty good, honestly. Though, if this album was even a few minutes longer than it was, I think I could have appreciated it even more than I do now. But with such a high rating I'm giving it already, it shows how much I care about this record. It's great. And it's worth listening to over-and-over. And chances are, you won't get bored of it because it's just a "refreshing" taste that more bands should have had.

The drumming on this record is so, so fast...and also, so, so authentic. It's fucking amazing. Blasting every hit with a thunderous force. The only problem with that though, is the foggy production of the stems. So, it would have been a little "cleaner" if it was a "newer" release. But honestly, I can't really complain much here. This record's bad qualities, are easily outweighed by the good. Not really saying it has any bad qualities, but you get the idea, at least...I hope you do. If no, you're in trouble...and no, not serious trouble. I'm just saying you really are an idiot and you likely need to go back to school and get an education.

You know, it's pretty bad... I always have to have YouTube to stream these releases because you'll never find their physical copies, which is a damn shame. And people always bitch saying... "Well, if you go to iTunes, you can download all these good metal songs as long as you pay! And help support those bands!". The problem is...a lot of these really, really obscure bands, aren't even on those platforms to begin with. And another thing, what if a band don't want to be on a major platform, then what? You know, there is a lot of bands out there who aren't "sellouts" and want to stay true to themselves. If you want to release music for free, go ahead. Your choice. Bands these days have ways of doing that to help promote themselves with Bandcamp and Internet Archive, in case they want to release content for free.

Anyways... I still consider "The Bogeyman" song to be my favourite. Probably because it's the only song I've known by them for a long time, until recently. This whole record would be a breath of "fresh air" for anyone wanting to listen to old school thrash metal. I should mention that the vocals have that funny "French" accent. Especially on "The Bogeyman" song. So, I always found that to be strange, but it works. And that song alone has some insane drumming on it! If you ever find this on CD, cassette...whatever it better take the fucking thing...just to say "you have it", you know? Good album. Well, amazing album, actually. By a really awesome-sound band!