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Misainzig, November 29th, 2008

I have no idea who the fuck Death Fuck is, but they suck. How is this shit even called Thrash? This demo is about as good as its production, which is horrible. The first song "Anarchy" is fucking punk, and not good punk. It's slow and shit. When you're not being overpowered by the booming bass, you're subject to the most boring riffset this side of Nevermore. Then a few cymbal crashes. That's really all you can hear in the drums. "Beyond the Dead" has this cool vocal part during the chorus where Billy Messiah just booms. Actually pretty effective in striking this zombie-fearing beast voice type thing, but the whispering vocals in the rest of the song are absolutely unbearable. Apparently, Billy Messiah was the vocalist for the first few Mayhem releases, but that doesn't mean this shit is any good. Mallcore was born right here, folks.

"Vomit Lust" is absolutely unlistenable. You can hear NO guitar, which is a first for me. I've never heard an album where the bass overpowers every other instrument. "Fucking Scout" is basically "Anarchy" at a different speed. I cannot tell the difference between the 2 songs.

Don't listen to this.