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Get the best in the sad end - 90%

Geisterkarle, February 15th, 2013

I stumbled upon K-On not through the series, but the movie and this song is basically the very first thing you hear there...and damn I was hooked! Okay, it was a let down that the anime is not about the metalheads of Death Devil, but a "softer" rock band called Afternoon Tea Time, but they do really nice songs as well and you should check out Fuwa Fuwa Time, but I'm off target, 'cause this is about Death Devil and this single 光, or "Hikari".

This song basically has everything a metal song needs. It has a really nice melody, is quite technical, fast-paced, and definitely headbanging material. All the instruments do a great job making this happen, but let's be fair, the real "hero" is the solo guitar. There's a solo nearly over the whole song, and it's not a 3 riff solo. Oh no, it is fast, diversified, challenging, and will get you banging away. Just awesome.

While all Death Devil single songs are great in their own respect, I think THIS is the best song they have. Maybe because while the other songs have a "slow" part included, Hikari just rushes on and on and gives you no break.

It's really sad that we will probably never hear something new from Death Devil because the songs are so great and many real (speed) metal bands could bow down to such finesse, so let's just enjoy this final Death Devil masterpiece and bang to it all night long.