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Disappointingly Punk and NOT "Death" Metal. - 30%

toxicparadox, October 2nd, 2006

For supposed death metal, this album is weak. From the first track, it reminds me more of a spiced up Led Zepplin or maybe a generic punk bands. The riffs are boring and predictable, reminiscent of the 3-chord progressions used in generic punk songs. The vocals are not intense or brutal as death metal from, say, Behemoth would be.

We finally hear some double bass and a little more full-on drum beat by track three. But for song titles like Heading for Decapitation and Chopping Spree, one does not expect the vocalist to be calm and relaxed while singing about something so brutal. He sounds sophomoric and it is evident that this is a first release. I do not consider this album "true" to the roots of old death metal. The only death metal characteristic I find is the lyrical themes. The guitars are slow and boring, and as the album progresses, the more I feel like I am listening to 'The Ramones'.

The guitar solos again sound like 80s hair metal solos and are not at all shredding, fast or complex. Dragged Through the Mud sounds exactly like the title says, if anything it is boring doom rock, nothing close to Death Metal.

Bottom line, the sounds from this album stunk up my dorm room and while I won't delete it, it will only remain buried in my archives. This is NOT death metal - just boring repetitive crap. Don't get this if you want real death metal.