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Well... - 87%

Snxke, May 20th, 2004

(For anyone who is asking how I received this and where I can get one, I have my sources - don't count on receiving one through me or through anyone else. If the band decides to release this material then it will be availible to you.)

Well kids, this is the kind of violent thrash that has been missing for the past ten years or so. While I am not the largest "thrash-fanatic" this is the kind of thrash I can dig. The thick and meaty guitar tones pound at you from every angle with heavy-handed riffs that leave you feeling as if you lost three street fights in a row. The compositional values make you think of Slayer and Exodus at the top of their game and the production is quite solid. These boys are competent musicians, and solid songwriters at the least. (I will address the issues of originality and trend-setting later.)

The strangest, and best part of this, are the vocals. The varied screams and groans throughout do their bit to lift the material above the average thrash-pack. Ironfist groans and growls like a madman being tortured with acid. (Needless to say, his vocal performance is top-notch.) With his departure, one can only imagine how the band will eventually sound. With the roar of an extremely dark and skilled thrash band churning the well used goods that somehow seem fresh with these coffin-creak vocals.

All in all, Death Beast may not bring anything that new or revolutionary to the table, but at the same time they rock like a bus fucking a tractor. This demo is a good luck into "what could have been" but we can hope the new vocalist Juggernaut can bring the same qaulity performance that we've heard from this qaulity demo.

These guys and Toxic Holocaust may be the only true thrash bands left...

(Originally printed in Hells Rock and Roll.)