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Enjoyable! - 88%

cyclone, December 23rd, 2004

People seem to adore this album mainly because of the huge variety of riffs and the insane vocals. And yeah, they definitely have a point. This record is all riffs, riffs, riffs. They are fast as fuck and really fucking lethal. There are lots of triplets and one note riffs, and they work really great. The guitar tone is also a killer, just about right for thrash. Well, the overall production could be better, but it's not that bad.
So, we cleared that up, let's say something about the vocals. Mark Osegueda is a MADMAN! Yeah, he can be melodic or agressive, but that's not the most imporant thing here. His high pitched screams are out of this earth. Mad. Insane. Deranged. He sounds exactly like I picture a victim of a crime would scream, before he would be slayed. Crazy, I tell you. Boris even measured the frequencies, check those out if you don't believe me. Unfortunately, Mark sometimes sounds a bit annoying, at least for my taste. Again, this is not a major flaw, it's probably just my taste. Oh yeah, Dennis sounds great on Thrashers (he is singing on that song, because it had been on the setlist before Mark came to the band). His vocals are aggressive, just right for that kind of a song.
Drums and bass are standard thrash, with Andy Galeon playing some nice fills here and there.

The album itself is well balanced and consists of 8 songs, with I.P.F.S. being a sort of an outro. Kill As One is a favourite of many DA fans, it's fast and a good singalong. Voracious Souls has that great break at around 3.15 and a mellower middle part. Two songs, Thrashers and The Ultra-Violence are especially worth mentioning.
Thrashers is a full-out thrasher (what else did you expect from a song with that title). As I already said, Dennis handles the vocals here. The song has a great intro riff and it's fast as hell.
The title track is a 10!!! minute thrash instrumental. Yeah, it's 10 minutes long. Boring? NO! It grabs you and it doesn't release you until the final second. Shitload of riffs and tempo changes keep it interesting for the whole time.

The Ultra-Violence is Death Angel's first. Many say, that it's the only one worth getting. I'm not here to review Act III or Frolic Through The Park, so I wil say just one thing: GET IT, you won't be sorry.